Thanks to Resource Magazine for including me as guest editor and to share my Removed series in the "Social Media" Summer Issue. The issue includes 11 photographs and a short essay that I wrote about my practice and the project. 

Resource Mag is available at bookstores and studios across the U.S. You can order a copy here.

**More Studio News**

I have been deep into a new project the past few months and am headed to my darkroom now to process film that will conclude my new series. The work will be released in mid-October and I will be giving a sneak peek of the project during an artist talk that I am giving at The Light Factory in Charlotte, NC on September 29th. 

While I was in Chicago last week making new work, I was followed by Central China Television as they filmed a short documentary about my practice. They interviewed me at Columbia College Chicago in the darkroom where I once worked. They also spoke with the brilliant and prolific Terry Evans who was my professor for a documentary photography course in 2009 and who also has work in an important and pressing exhibition at the MoCP. The short will be be out early 2017.