In 1969, Kenny Berghuis, my maternal grandfather built his dream home in Homestead, Fl. I grew up on the property of avocado trees and citrus groves. We spent everyday around the pool as the produce grew around us and I learned to work on this land by picking fruit and hand weeding the bases of newly planted trees. In 2000 my grandparents sold their land for easier living in central Florida and just prior to that in 1998 my parents relocated my sister and I to North Carolina. 17 years later in 2015 I contacted the new owners of the farm who excitedly shared their new dream home with me. Although the use of the land has turned over many times, the new family plans to turn my grandfathers farm into an occupational therapy center where patients can use the land for rehabilitation. I am excited to return to this place next year to see the completion of the therapy center on Kenny's Farm.